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Drug Threat Response Team Seeks Board Members to Serve

Updated: Feb 9

By Nicole Barthel

Primary Prevention Coordinator

I am pleased to invite you to submit your letter of interest in becoming a member of the Drug Threat Response Team Board.

My name is Nicole Barthel and I serve as the Lac Courte Oreilles Tribal Government’s Primary Prevention Coordinator. The Drug Threat Response Team, which serves Community- Driven Primary Prevention for Opioids, supports rigorous research that advances the understanding and develop strategies for the stages of readiness for community members of all ages, empower healthier and more fulfilling lives.

Being a member of the Drug Threat Response Team Board provides you with a unique opportunity to

·       Provide Community input into prevention strategies.

·       Assess current services and asses capacity and recovery.

·       Collaborate with programs, services, and individuals for a team effort.

·       Make a difference in Lac Courte Oreilles for current and future generations.


The main task of this board, in conjunction with the lead team of grants department, is to update our Tribal action plan. The description of the board duties will be available at the Lac Courte Oreilles Tribal Government Building. Please submit your letter of interest to Nicole Barthel at or 13394 W Trepania Road, Hayward WI 54843. Please do not hesitate to call 715-558-7548 with any questions.     

Save images below to your computer to print off and submit at Tribal Office.


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