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Community Gives Feedback on Drug Epidemic

By Joe Morey

News Editor

A series of meetings are being held in communities around Lac Courte Oreilles for community members to discuss the proposed Tribal Action Plan presented last month by the Drug Threat Response Team. To read the previous story about the presented plan,

The next step in the process is to get feedback from the LCO Community.

Dottie Crust, the Tribal Opioid Response Coordinator, who is also chairperson of the DTRT, said they are gathering comment cards and will have a meeting between the LCO Grants Department and the Drug Threat Response Team and integrate any information that may not be currently addressed.

“Then we’ll send the plan to tribal council for final approval and when that is done we can submit to funders and it will give us an edge on grants and a direction to work towards. DTRT will continue to monitor and poll the community to assure we are still heading in the same direction,” Crust said.

While meetings are also taking place in the community, LCO News asked for feedback on Facebook. We asked what could be done to fight the drug epidemic at Lac Courte Oreilles. The following are some of the responses;

Margo Diamond-Roberston said, “Maybe start with early prevention education. Also educating families on how to cope with their loved ones addiction.”

Gordy Belille said, “Let people know that there is help out there and it's ok to ask for help and to keep in mind that the creator is always with them.”

Zeegwanense Martin said, “Stop checks with drug dogs.”

Marsha Pringle said, “How’s Herman’s Landing doing? If it’s draining the Tribe or not profitable, than why not turn it into a treatment center? There is space for offices, meeting room and kitchen and plenty of cabin rooms. Fence it in.”

Maggie Miller said, “Outreach, inpatient/outpatient treatment services, prevention classes/family activities, mental health programs, Banishment if that's what it’s going to take. They need to know there is help and not be criticized about it.”

Miranda Dennis said, “One thing I’d like to see open is a transition house here I know a lot of people go to treatment and detox. They come out clean but then what? They have been on drugs for so long they need help with everything to have a positive outlook on life again. It is such a hard thing to do. You come out with a clear mind but because of past mistakes you have nowhere to turn and nowhere to go.”

Jake Trepanier said, “I would like to see a huge gym of some sort. Workout area, swimming pool, basketball court, indoor field, rock climbing and what ever else you would find in a state of the art gym. Right now we do have the school gym and boys and girls club but there only available certain times. Would be nice to be able to hit the gym when ever you have time. Rather than it having to be at certain times on certain days. Lord knows just about everyone on our Rez could use more exercise and positive activities to do. I know it’s a long shot but is something I would really like to see. A state of the art gym that requires a membership, open from 6AM to 12 PM or so.”

Christie Corbine said, “We should follow recovering addicts and their families to identify what the obstacles are and also what is most helpful to them as they transition from addiction to recovery.”

April Congor said, “It's a sad world cause in reality no matter how hard we can try drugs will always be here. If they want them they will get them. Maybe we need more k9s to sniff out the problem.”

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Rehab can be great but when they go home... they are right back where they started.

Some men use drug rehab as a place to live when there is no other place to house them. We should build a half way house for men and women to live in their first year of recovery. That will teach them how to cook, keep their own space clean, have respect for themselves and others. If they break the rules then banish them !

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