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College Offers Many Short-Term Training Courses

Submitted by Amber Marlow

Dean of Continuing Education and Customized Training

LCO Ojibwe College

Boozhoo Students, Staff, Faculty, and Partners in Education!

Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwe College’s Continuing Education Department has numerous short-term training programs available to the community that are very cost-effective, flexible, and available virtually – with a streamlined registration process.

LCOOC offers Continuing Education as transcripted academic credits at $63 per credit, with many scholarships available (traditional arts programming, road construction, etc.)

Check our website for more information:

Child Development Associate Certificate (New! Online!) If you are interested in working in an Early Headstart or daycare setting – this is a work at your own pace, online program where students earn 8 academic credits needed for the CDA credential. Interested students should:

  1. Submit your completed registration forms to

  2. Complete and pass a Background Check.

  3. If you need to check out a laptop, these can be loaned out for the duration of the program; your textbook will be mailed to you.

  4. Please keep in mind that this is an online certificate - and built to be work at your own pace. We will be enrolling students on an ongoing basis. Once you successfully complete course 1, then you move on to course 2, etc.

Road Construction Certificate (Transportation Alliance for New Solutions – TrANS) – To register or for more information, contact Cali Quaderer-Cuddy at or call 715-634-4790 Ext 137

  • The next accelerated program starts February 15, 2021-March 19, 2021 with 90% of the courses via Zoom. The program is able to provide laptops to participants and possibly Wifi cards, etc.

  • Scholarships are available to students registering for this certificate program (12 academic credits and Wisconsin DOT recognized certification of being a TrANS graduate). It is not a financial aid eligible program.

  • The program is fully funded and able to assist with transportation costs for participants to travel to the main campus for the few courses that will be face-to-face, but of course following social distancing and within the college’s COVID19 guidelines (which will be shared with students).

Intro to Higher Education – Virtual Mini-Courses

  • These courses are geared towards high school students and adult learners wanting to brush up on their academic skills.

  • There are 4 – 1 credit courses and students successfully completing the courses will receive credit for completing Intro to Higher Education.

  • The courses will meet for 5 hours per week – VIRTUALLY on Zoom, exact course times will be based on participant availability.

  • Scholarships are available! For more information, email

Gashkibijiganikewin 1 Credit Course – CTC 125-01

  • Students will make a ribbon skirt or shirt, bag for carrying utensils, and a tobacco pouch.

  • Priority is given to LCOOC students graduating in May, 2021

  • Supplies are provided

  • The course is on Zoom and available to anyone with a Wifi connection

  • Scholarships available


You can print the registration forms and fill out, scan and email back or you can fill out the pdf fillable form. Here are some tips for completing the fillable form:

1. you will need to right click and use the highlighter for the martial status and gender questions.

2. You can use the “add notes” to complete your signature using your mouse or just type your name.

3. When you are finished – “print as a pdf”, save the copy to your device and then email the attachment back to me at

Chi-miigwech! Please feel free to share with anyone who may be interested in these programs.


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