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College Extension Workshops Continue in Virtual Format

By Cali Quaderer LCO Ojibwe College Extension Coordinator

Boozhoo Students, Staff, Faculty, and Community Members!

Extension workshops continue to be in a VIRTUAL format for the month of April. Please remember these programs are open to anyone and there is no cost to participate. Please feel free to share our programs with your colleagues and networks.

Please register for 1 or all workshops at this link:

You can join these workshops from anywhere you have a Wifi connection. Please go to - you do not need to create an account! In the upper right corner click on "Join Meeting" and enter Meeting ID 380 374 5351 Password is: LCOEXT (this is the Zoom information for most of the programs)

After you register you will receive an email a day or 2 prior to your workshop or program. If your workshop requires supplies - a list will be provided to you in the email or if we are providing the supplies they will be shipped to your address or will be available for pick up for those that are local.

If you have any feedback or requests for future programming please reply to this email.


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