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Clinic Urges Vaccines and Masking in Light of Rising Covid Cases

Submitted by Gary Girard, LCOCHC Director

and Dr. Steve Miszkiewicz, LCOCHC Chief Medical Doctor

As of 8/6/21 LCO Community Health Center has 11 confirmed Covid-19 active cases. Delta variant has been confirmed in Sawyer County. We strongly urge masking at all times, social distancing, and handwashing.

In order to protect our community everyone who is not vaccinated please consider getting your vaccine. You can call the Health Center to schedule your vaccination at 715-638-5100. The current infection population is 95% non-vaccinated community members.

In response to this we will be opening a respiratory urgent care clinic at LCO Community Health Center beginning 8/16/21. All possibly contagious patients will be seen at the urgent care/eldercare entrance from 8am to 430pm. This is being done to enable the Health Center to see all of our normal healthcare patients in a safe manner during the upcoming winter months. This will be via appointment and walk in if you have any respiratory illness, sore throat, cough, fever, runny nose, etc. and think you need to be treated or tested we will be able to segregate this population from the health center.


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