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Public Heath Officer Expands on Covid Alert Issued Wednesday, Oct. 6

Submitted by Gary Girard

LCO Health Center Director

LCO Public Health Officer

The Covid outbreak for Big drum funeral on September 25th has been expanded to alert anyone who attended events on the 26th and 27th as well. In addition, the Hayward Homecoming Dance has resulted in an outbreak being opened with 3-4 kids who attended the dance during their infectious period.

All new outbreaks include the following businesses: Aspen Acres, Water’s Edge, Winter School, Sawyer County Jail, Care Partners/Country Terrace (they moved all residents into one facility due to staff shortage).

Please be alert for symptoms of Covid! If you are a LCO tribal member, Tribal employee, family member of either, or an established patient at LCO Community Health Center and you need to be tested, please call 715-638-5100 for an appointment.


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