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Children and Families Secretary-Designee Visits LCO

By Joe Morey

News Editor

Secretary-Designee Emilie Amundson

The designee for the Wisconsin Department of Children and Families (DCF), Emilie Amundson, accompanied by the State/Tribal Liaison Stephanie Lozano, visited LCO and met with personnel from many tribal programs on Wednesday, Oct. 9.

LCO Secretary-Treasurer Michelle Beaudin said the tribe had a chance to discuss state grants through DCF, which include Indian Child Welfare (ICW) and Child Support during a meet and greet in Chairman Louis Taylor’s office.

“We talked with them about some of the needs in our community,” Beaudin said. “The largest need is a day care and wrap around services.”

Beaudin said the tribe is collaborating to put a team together between Early Headstart and the College to build a day care. The certification will be at the college, she stated, but several options are still being considered on where the day care would be located.

Beaudin added they would like to introduce the Ojibwe language at this early age, so they are including Wadookadaading in the collaboration.

“We put this out to DCF to see if we can get some dollars allocated for day care,” Beaudin said.

Tribal program personnel meeting with Secretary-Designee Amundson included Executive Director Margaret Diamond, Child Support Director Sue Smith, Child Care Director Cindy Miller, ICW Director Chally Thompson, Family Home Visitation Director Jenny Bisonette, Contracts Compliance Officer Christi Quaderer, Contracts Specialist Corrine Pendleton and Contracts Specialist Elissa DeCora.

Guided by Margaret Diamond and Sue Smith, they also took a guided tour of the LCO Headstart/Early Headstart, Wadookadaading School, LCO Elementary School and the Boys and Girls Club of Lac Courte Oreilles.


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