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Chairman Advises No Travel to LCO in Latest Update

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

By Louis Taylor

LCO Chairman

I hope everyone is doing well, staying healthy , and remaining calm as we fight the COVID-19 epidemic surrounding our community.

Recent data from local county and State of Wisconsin health officials report the number of positive Coronavirus (COVID-19) cases is at 1,059 Statewide. The greatest number of positive cases are in Milwaukee and Madison. Sawyer County remains at 0, with no positive cases as of this writing.

If, and when (unfortunately it's inevitable), the virus reaches us here at LCO and Sawyer County, the County Chairman and myself as Tribal Chairman, along with Emergency Response Team Members, will be the first to be notified. Please don't believe any other sources. When the virus hits here, we will let our community know immediately.

LCO is doing great by following the Governor's "Safer at Home" Order. Please continue to practice social distancing.

If anyone is out of town, we ask that they remain at that location, until the virus passes. Our Tribal Members here are taking necessary precautionary measures by staying at home. We don't want out-of-towners coming here to jeopardize the health of our people who are following the Governor's Order.

It is inevitable that the Coronavirus will hit us here at LCO and Sawyer County. We can keep it minimal if we stay at home, limit interactions with others, keep at least 6 feet apart, and limit time getting groceries, medicines, or other necessities. As with any other illness, keep your distance and use good hygiene to prevent the spread of germs.

For updates on the Coronavirus in the State of Wisconsin, please visit

Tribal Government essential employees are working, but with no face-to-face contact with clients. A list of program numbers has been posted on the Tribe's Facebook page. Also, you may call the Tribal Office general number, 715-634-8934, leave a detailed message, and someone will return your call. Also, our essential businesses remain open with shortened hours. This information is posted on the same Facebook page.

Last, but certainly not least, I applaud the people working during this crisis. I know it is mentally exhausting and there is fear, no doubt. Your dedication is proven by your presence at work and you will be rewarded. Everyone, please remain safe and healthy; we will get through this.


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