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Big Fish GM Talks Growth of Course with Elders

By Joe Morey

News Editor

The LCO Elder’s Association held their monthly meeting at the Sevenwinds Casino on Thursday, Nov. 3, and had as their guest speaker, Will LaPointe, General Manager of the Big Fish Golf Course.

LaPointe shared with the Elders on the progress and growth of the course over the past couple years. Big Fish was built in 2004 and the LCO Tribe purchased it in 2019. He shared how Big Fish is a special course and LCO should be proud to own it as it’s only one of 100 courses in the world designed by famous golf course designer, Pete Dye.

LaPointe was hired in May of 2021. He said he noticed a lack of play and there was a lot of mismanagement.

“Basically, the course was neglected, so we dedicated a lot of time to get it back to how it was designed to be,” LaPointe said. “We wanted it to be playable at a top notch level. Since then, we’ve got a lot of feedback from our guests that it’s in the best shape it’s ever been.”

When LaPointe started, he explained the membership at the course was 51 and so he instituted a membership drive which increased the course to 221 members in his first summer and up to 251 members for this past summer. He said they are running another membership drive for the 2023 season.

LaPointe said the course had revenues of $700,000 when he came and in his first year that increased to over $1M and this past summer has surpassed over $1.3M.

“It will be profitable every year and LCO should be proud. They have a million dollar course now. It’s busy and people are playing and the parking lot is full,” LaPointe said.

He said over the winter months they will have an indoor golf league on a world class simulator going and they will be serving a full menu of food items out of Dye Hards, the bar and grill. They have homemade pizzas and they also deliver, he noted.

Will LaPointe, GM of Big Fish Golf Course, speaks to the Elders at their monthly meeting.

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