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Back to Work for Tribal Employees as Public Health Emergency Expires June 15

The LCO Tribe’s Public Health Emergency Declaration over the Covid-19 Pandemic will expire on Monday, June 15, and the Tribal Governing Board has no plans to issue any further extensions of the declaration which originally began on March 17 and was extended twice.

The TGB issued a memo to all tribal employees on Wednesday, June 10, instructing them to return to full duty as of next Monday, June 15.

“We appreciate everyone’s dedication in doing their part in ensuring our Programs and Services were still available as best as could be during these trying times. We look forward to seeing everyone back at work,” the memo stated.

Many employees have continued to work through the Pandemic while many chose to work from home or take the time off entirely and receive unemployment. The TGB voted on Monday to give all employees who chose to remain at work hazard pay for the duration that they worked.


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