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A Letter from Hayward Schools Superintendent

Dear Hayward Community School District Families, First and foremost I hope all of you are safe and healthy. The purpose of my email today is to provide you with factual, accurate information regarding the Hayward Community School District and our plans for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year. On Thursday, April 16th at approximately 1:15 p.m., Governor Evers implemented Emergency Order #28 better known as the “Safer At Home Order.” This new order replaced order #12 which was implemented on Wednesday, March 25th. Please see the attachment with all the details of the order. It deeply saddens me to inform you this new order means that the Hayward Community School District will remain closed for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year. This includes all after school activities and access to the school grounds, including playgrounds, athletic fields, and the track. Scheduled School Board meetings will continue to run as normal. As the (COVID-19) continues to spread, we want to reassure our community that the health and safety of our students, staff, and community is our top priority. We will continue to invest in the safety and well being of our students, staff, and community. Due to the fact that this is a rapidly changing situation, we continue to monitor the COVID-19 on an almost hourly basis and will continue to do so for the coming weeks. We are addressing the epidemic in a very systematic manner with local, state, and federal health agencies. COMMUNITY COMMUNICATION

We will continue to inform our community of the latest changes and updates in regards to this situation. Please visit our website page at and look for individual emails, phone calls and refer to our social media outlets for a variety of resources to assist you during this process. You will also be receiving information from your child’s Principal within a few days. The purpose of that email will be to provide you with specific information and instructions for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year. FOOD SERVICE

The Hayward Community School District is providing free breakfast and lunch to all students to households who have students attending the Hayward Community School District that are 18 years of age and younger. We feel food service is a very important element of our process during this epidemic. This program will continue through June 5th (Monday-Friday). Times for both drive thru pick-up and bus delivery will be between the hours of 11:00 a.m-1:00 p.m. All bus deliveries are by District Yellow Bus. If you have not already signed up, you may enroll by completing this survey so we can provide this opportunity for your students to receive meals. If you do not have internet access and would like to participate in our off-school food service program, please call the building level administrative assistants and they will get your information logged into our system. Forms must be completed before 1:00 pm weekdays for next day delivery. Hayward Primary School Jayne Buchman 715-638-9201 Hayward Intermediate School Becca Turnbull 715-638-9301 Hayward Middle School Mimi Anderson 715-638-9401 Hayward High School Janyce Freund 715-638-9501 CONTINUITY OF LEARNING PLAN- SPRING 2020

During the at-home learning period, we want families to be able to focus on spending time together and not create additional stress. Closing our school grounds does not mean we are closing school. The Hayward Community School District will continue our academic programs K-12 until the last day of school which is June 5th, 2020. We acknowledge that these are unprecedented times, your flexibility and understanding is appreciated as we continue to conquer these uncharted waters. and plan for the 2020-2021 school year. ACADEMICS

The Hayward Community School District’s priority is to provide a top-notch education for all of our students, while protecting their health and well-being and we will continue to follow the guidance of public health professionals. As the priority across the world at this time is health and safety, the Hayward Community School District will be providing each student their 4th quarter curriculum in packet form to be completed at home.

This curriculum was modified by your child’s teacher to best fit the at-home learning environment that we are all dealing with. The 4th quarter curriculum is broken down into 6, one week long units. We also have provided a recommended daily schedule. We realize that this recommended schedule might not fit everyone’s individual needs, however it can be used as a guide to provide some routine throughout the day. We will continue to provide on-line resources through our social media outlets. Please take the time to research some of these resources and utilize them as they best fit your needs. You will also be receiving information from your child’s teacher in regards to a schedule as to when they will be available to assist with the 4th quarter curriculum. Grades for 4th quarter will be Pass or No Pass. Your child’s work can be turned in on a weekly basis or at the end of the school year. You can drop off the work during office hours in front of your child’s school. There will be labeled containers to place their work in and those containers will be brought into the building each night. As always, if you have any questions regarding school work or resources, please call your child’s teacher or the building level principal and they will be happy to assist. Continue to expect a weekly phone call from your child’s teacher. The purpose of this call is to simply see how your child is doing and answer any questions your family may have. As always, our main goal is to build and maintain relationships with your child and this will be another step towards that goal. If you do not receive a phone call each week, please contact me directly.


Our staff will be cleaning out your student’s desks and lockers this week. They will be placing all items into bags and labeling them with your child’s name. On Monday April 27th and Tuesday April 28th, we will be providing curb-side pick up for your child’s personal property and their 4th quarter Continuity of Learning packets. When you pull up to your assigned location, please stay in your car. A staff member will greet you and retrieve your child’s belongings and place them in your vehicle. We will continue to respect social distancing guidelines through this process. You will be receiving detailed pick-up locations from your child’s principal within the day. The pick up dates and times are as follows:

April 27th 8:30-3:30- Personal Property/Continuity of Learning Packet Curb-Side Pick-Up. April 28th 1:00-6:00- Personal Property/ Continuity of Learning Packet Curb-Side Pick -Up.

I appreciate your flexibility and understanding in this matter. My hope is that everyone continues to embrace this adversity and we will be a stronger community moving forward from this event. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call me and I will be happy to assist.


Craig Olson,

Superintendent Hayward Community School District


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