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6th Graders Graduate Prevention Program at Boys and Girls Club

The Boys and Girls Club of Lac Courte Oreilles is proud to announce our 2019 SmartMoves/ Meth SMART graduates! SMARTMoves/Meth SMART is an evidence based prevention program we do with the Lac Courte Oreilles School 6th graders each year as an Early Intervention Class. It provides prevention education that reduces risk factors for suicidal behavior and substance abuse in native youth ages 10-18.

Implementing the Meth SMART curriculum after the SMARTMoves curriculum creates a comprehensive evidence-based and practice-based prevention strategy that strongly focuses on the issues surrounding meth and other drugs as well as self-harm in Native Communities. By bringing our culture into our program, it helps our kids with a better understanding of what the program provides. I myself Damian "Maui" Perry, the Program Coordinator along with the help from Behavioral Health Specialists and parents that volunteer, the program is helping our young adults become better prepared to avoid risky behaviors and gives them a better understanding how abusing drugs and alcohol can harm themselves as well as a community.

This opportunity is made possible through a 5 year SAMHSA grant the Boys and Girls Club received 3 years ago.

This year’s SMART Moves/ MethSMART graduates include: MeShane Nickence, Kane LaRonge, Nicholas Trotterchaude, Winona Baker, Aniyah Cross, Evan Heath, Richard Quagon, Aimee Sweats, Thomas White. We are so proud of you all! We would also like to give Lynn Burnette, Lac Courte Oreilles Middle School 6th grade teacher, a Chi Miigwech for all her help throughout the year!


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