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25 Nominated to Run for Tribal Governing Board

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

By Joe Morey

News Editor

Twenty-five tribal members were nominated at the Nomination Caucus for LCO Tribal Governing Board held on Saturday, April 10th. The candidates now have 3 working days to accept their nominations in writing to the Election Committee, also chosen at the Caucus, and go through a background check for any past election fraud or felony crimes. All remaining candidates put on the ballot by the Election Committee will then run for the Primary Election set for May 8th.

The six persons on the ballot who receive the most votes will advance to the General Election where they will square off for the three open seats on the TGB currently held by incumbents Chairman Louis Taylor, Don Carley and Tweed Shuman.

The 2021 General Election is set for Saturday, June 19th. The three persons elected will serve a four-year term till 2025.

On Saturday, April 10th, nominated for Tribal Governing Board are;

Tweed Shuman

Sirella Ford

Rebecca St. Germaine

Kristina Kuykendall

Jason Northern

Louis Taylor

Jason Martin

Gary Belille Jr

James Schlender Jr

Ronee Lynn Boswell

Diane Martinson

Daylene Sharlow Gokey

Don Carley

Jeff Tribble

James Jack Hamilton

Kenneth Schmock

Mary Irene Wolf

Christi Corbine

Margaret Diamond

Aaron DeBrot

Gary Johnson

Brian Bisonette

Collette Wolf

Bodie LaRush

Wade Bowling

This is the order they were nominated. Not the order they will appear on the ballot.

Elected to the Election Committee are;

Julie Taylor

Kelly Nayquonabe

Reone Rusk

Jennifer Cadotte

Cindy Miller

Diana Cross

They will serve on the committee with Dave Bisonette, Enrollment Director. The two alternates include Dale Cooper and Patsy Crone.

And in a first, the three observers were chosen by election of tribal members in attendance at the Caucus. Normally the current Tribal Governing Board members up for re-election would appoint persons to observe, but LCO Chairman Louis Taylor thought this process wasn't fair to all the other candidates. The TGB unanimously agreed to change it.

Chosen to be Election Observers were Florence Thayer, Kathy Smith and Doreen Wolfe. The alternate will be Derek Taylor.


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